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    Special Softflex CO2 Hose 5 Metre Length

    Price:  £19.99

    CO2 simply seeps through many hose materials. The special Softflex CO2 hose from DENNERLE consists of a special CO2-proof plastic to ensure that valuable CO2 arrives where it is needed - in the aquarium.
    • Special CO2-proof plastic
    • Hose diameter 4/6 mm
    • Highly flexible, easy to install
    • Pressure-proof up to 7 bar

    CO2 losses with various types of hoses*

    Hose type Annual leakages Factor
    Special Softflex CO2 hose Several g 1
    Standard PVC air hose Several 100g Softflex is 10 x more leak-proof
    Silicone hose Several 1000 g Softflex is 100 x more leak-proof
    * Based on 2 m hose, counterpressure 30 cm water column (= 0.03 bar), measured outside of the water.

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