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    Pogostemon Helferi

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    Although scientists have been aware of this plant for a long time, aquatic hobbyists discovered it only a few years ago. Called 'Downoi' (Little Star) in Thailand, it is easy to see why. With highly decorative, rippled leaves it is definately one of the most beautiful foreground plants available. What first appears to be a rosette plant is actually a very stocky stem plant. If you create the ideal conditions (it is well worth trying to achieve it), this plant will produce a fantastic cushion for you. Bright to very bright light, temp 25C, and medium to hard water, under these conditions the leaves are a saturated green. One of the most stunning plants in the world.

    ORIGIN: Thailand
    MAX HEIGHT: 10cm
    GROWTH RATE: Moderate
    AREA: Foreground/Cushioning carpet
    LIGHT: Bright to very bright
    TEMP: 22-28C
    CO2: Highly recommended
    PH: 6-8
    DIFFICULTY: Medium
    WATER HARDNESS: Very soft to very hard

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