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    CO2 Plant Fertilizer Set BIO 60

    Price:  £25.99

    The simple and safe method of CO2 fertilization
    • CO2 production and supply are carried out fully automatically and in the right quantities.
    • Nothing needs to be set or measured. The ultimate in simplicity and convenience.
    • This makes DENNERLE Bio-CO2 ideal for all those who are as yet unaquainted with CO2 fertilization and for those who may wish to try the method out. After only a few weeks of CO2 fertilization, the results become evident: Plant growth improves substantially, the plants are greener, stronger and display greater vitality. The whole aquarium is brought to life.

    Complete set, comprising:
    • CO2 bottle with CO2 Control Gel and starter capsule
    • Mini-Flipper
    • Thermo container
    • CO2 hose
    • Bubble counter
    • For Aquariums Up To 60 Litres

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