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    Metal Halide Lighting with T5 lights and LED's 180cm

    Price:  £599.99

    Halide lighting is excellent for use on marine tanks which house corals, and are especially good for those with harder coral variations. A high output light, our metal halide fish tank lighting systems are available in sizes 60cm to 180cm and are supplied with suspension kits and wires for easy installation onto your fish tank.

    These lighting systems come with either one, two or three halide bulbs (determined by light length), are fitted with T5 bulbs and LEDs for a more varied output, and are also provided with cooling fans to prevent overheating.

    Perfect for supplying high output lighting to your marine fish tank aquarium, our halide lighting units are a highly effective choice for any marine enthusiast. 

    Product Description

    These metal halide marine lighting systems are high quality and feature rich. All systems come on top of the halide function with a further set of T5 tubes and LED clusters. All halide bulbs (quantity depends on length of system) come with an external ballast to run it and built in fan ventilation system. The halide fan included has the output noise of a similar personal computer ventilation fan.

    The halides ballast being external means that this is away from the heat build up in the system and hence less likely to fail and in the unlikely case of failure can be easily replaced without having to open the system at all.

    All T5 and LED operations are also run on separate power cables so it is also very simple to add manual plug timers to this system and have the separate functions activate as you require.

    Supplied for installation of the system is a set of tank brackets as well as all of the necessary wires and fixings to hang the unit from your ceiling.


     Three Halide bulbs
     Four T5 Tubes
     Six LED clusters (20 LED's per cluster)
     Three halide cooling fans
     Brackets and ceiling suspension wires and fittings included
     All Bulbs / Tubes included
     Halide operation run by three external ballasts


     Halide power; 3 x 150w
     T5 power; 4 x 39w
     LED's x 120
     Power cables x 5
     Dimensions; 1800 x 350 x 68 mm

    This item is delivered direct from the manufacturer so i cannot guarantee next day delivery

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