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    Maxspect Gyre XF150 Generator 50w

    Price:  £249.95

    The Next Generation of Water Moving Technology

    XF150, 50w Maxspect Gyre Generator

    Unlike traditional powerheads and wavemakers that is based on propellor nozzle technology, the Gyre Generator is based on 'crossflow' technology. Gyre Generators are the new technology in water movement which excel in moving sheer flow of water from one side of the aquarium to the other. The flow of water for the Gyre Generator is so strong it actually bounces back to achieve full circulation.

    • Virtually no dead spots
    • Evenly distributed flow rate throughout the entire aquarium
    • Water bounces back from the other side to create a full circulation, generating 'Gyre Flows'

    Complete with basic controller and cradle.

    Dimensions 30cm long x 6.3cm wide
    Maximum flow 4200 gallons per hour

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