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    Marine Nano Aquarium Tank 128L Complete With Stand

    Price:  £349.99

    Chiller and coral for illustrative purposes only

    The Boyu HS-60 Nano Reef Marine Fish Tank is a complete all-in-one Nano Tank solution for Saltwater Aquarium hobbyists. Ready to use, packed with features and equipment suited to the volume and dimensions of the Marine Tank, providing everything you need.

    Designed using high quality glass with smooth rounded corner edges, you experience a spectacular 270° degrees viewing angle. This provides a totally un-interrupted view of your Fish Tank inhabitants. The Tank's casing is made of smartly finished durable plastic, making it suitable for use in any home, school or office environment.

    The Hood has a very useful feature built in enabling it to automatically lock into place above your Nano Aquarium. This allows access to your water for cleaning and maintenance, feeding and Coral Landscaping. The lid consists of Two (2) flaps, front and back, providing access to the Filtration system (rear) and Aquarium (front) The Hood also has a built-in Dual Fan Cooling system designed to draw away heat created by the Halide system.

    The Filtration system built into the HS-60 Nano Marine Tank has all equipment required to run a thriving Marine Coral system. Included inside the Filter area is a Protein Skimmer, Nitrate Processor, 150w Heater, 9w UV Steriliser and a selection of Filter Media.

    The Filter system is completely hidden within the back of the Aquarium and can be fully accessed via a flap on the back of the Hood. The Filter system is partitioned into Four (4) different sections, requiring the water to pass through each before returning via the included spray bar. This is very similar to a Sump Filtration system and ensures that your water has the best chance of staying clear and healthy.

    Marine Lighting is key to Coral growth and health and the HS-60 does not dissapoint - a 150w Halide Lighting System is built into the Hood, running off a high quality external ballast. The Halide output is maximised due to polished stainless steel reflectors imbedded behind the Bulb. The system is supplied with a 150w 14k Bulb but is also suitable for use with 150w 20k Bulbs if preferred (sold separately) 

    The Halide Lighting system is also surrounded with 6 Moonlight L.E.D's - perfect for creating a blue shimmering moonlight effect in the tank.

    A perfectly fitting cabinet is supplied with this Nano Tank with enough free space underneath for an optional chiller , plus a drawer that you can use for your aquarium tank accessories etc. The cabinet is supplieblack and packaged flat -packed.


     Smooth Rounded Corners / 270° viewing angle
     Protein Skimmer WG-428
     Nitrate Processor XQ-500
     UV sterilizer integrated at filter pipework exit point
     Submersible Heater
     Dual Fan Cooling System to remove heat and cool your tank
     Completely hidden 3-stage Bio-Mechanical filtration
     Filtration media included: Sponge, activated carbon, ceramic rings and bioballs
     Innovative aquarium cover with elevation adjustment technology
     Sealed Polycarbonate ( Acrylic ) lens/chamber protects the halide lamp and
     other electronic components from moisture, water contact and corrosion
     Polished Stainless Steel Reflector designed to maximise light output
     External halide ballast


     Water Volume : 128 Litres
     Protein Skimmer power : 8w
     Nitrate processor power : 4.5w
     UV sterilizer Power: 9w
     Submersible Heater power; 150w
     Moonlight LED's power: 6 x 1w
     Filter pump power: 20w
     HQI halide rating: 150 Watt
     Filtration System Flow Rate: 1400 L/H
     Dimensions: 520 x 580 x 630 mm / 20.5" x 22.5" x 24.8"   
     Certificates: CE, TUV, GS

    This item is delivered direct from the manufacturer and will be on a pallet. This item does not come under the free shipping arrangement. Delivery will cost £35-£65 depending on destination area. Please email me for delivery charge. This is the manufacturers charge not mine.

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