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    Littorella Uniflora

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    Shoreweed, or Littorella uniflora, is a small plant, which reproduces by runners. In Europe it is native to the shores and shallow-water zones of clear lakes and ponds with sandy ground, whose waters are poor in nutrients and low in calcium. Littorella is a very slow grower in the aquarium. It is very rare in the trade but it makes a nice rough carpet, different to the smooth looking carpets like 'Cuba. A very easy and undemanding plant.

    ORIGIN: Europe
    MAX HEIGHT: 10cm
    AREA: Foreground/Carpet
    LIGHT: Bright to very bright
    TEMP: 4-26
    CO2: CO2 and NON CO2 tanks
    PH: 5-8
    WATER HARDNESS: Soft to hard

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