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    Hygrophila Guianensis

    Price:  £3.59

    This is a beautiful plant and is shorter than most Hygrophila, growing up to 25cm. It does not do as well in the aquarium as other Hygrophila. Provide very bright light, CO2, plenty of room and a nutrient-rich substrate and all should be well. It is well worth the effort and patience as it is a beautiful plant. Definately not for a beginner.

    ORIGIN: South America
    MAX HEIGHT: 25cm
    AREA: Midground/Background
    LIGHT: Very bright
    TEMP: 22-28C
    CO2: Highly Recommended
    PH: 5-8
    DIFFICULTY: Advanced
    WATER HARDNESS: Soft to hard

    This is a special order plant with a minimum order of 6 pots

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