Aquarium Lighting

Our range of aquarium lighting is one of the largest on the UK market, and aims to provide for a diverse range livestock needs.

We stock T5 lighting, available in tropical or marine bulb set-ups, in two, four, six or eight tube models, and all come with either brackets or appropriate length suspension kits so that they can be fitted to your fish tank with extreme ease. We also have thin T5 lighting available for a sleeker, more modern look for tanks with limited headroom.

For soft coral, hard coral and fish marine tanks, our LED lighting units provide a stylish and attractive solution, all of which come with a mixture of blue and white LED strips with individual switch control so you can create a day light and moonlight cycle without any fuss. Our LED lights have a low energy consumption making them both highly efficient and cost-effective, and the new design means they are appropriate for most marine tank types.

Halide lighting is the most effective kind of aquarium lighting for hard and soft coral tanks primarily because of the high output and impressive strength. Our range of halide lights are supplied in a variety of sizes and all are provided with a suitable suspension kit for easy installation

Aquarium Heaters

Most aquarium fish and plants come from warm waters and need to be kept above room temperature. Aquarium heaters are inexpensive and keep temperatures stable in your aquarium no matter what it's like outside - vital since fish and plants don't produce their own body heat.