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    Green Plant Complete Fertiliser (1 Litre bottle)

    Price:  £18.99



    • Complete all-in-one fertiliser for strong and healthy aquatic plants.
    • High concentration of nutrients including Iron and Magnesium.
    • Consists of many Micronutrients and minerals.
    • Everything you need for your plants.
    • No Nitrates or Phosphates.
    • Plants grow quicker and stronger.
    • Guarantee your plants grow more lush with wider leaves and superb colour.
    • Very economical to use.
    • Long shelf life due to stabilising chelating agents.
    • Recommend at least a 10% water change every week. Add fertiliser after water change.
    • Combine with PPL GREEN PLANT LIQUID CARBON CO2 and PPL GREEN PLANT ROOT TABLETS for optimum results.
    • DOSE 5ml per 50 litres of water every week or in accordance with plant requirements.
    • More or less may be required, 5ml is a guideline for an average planted tank.

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