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    Glass Drop checker

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    Maintaining proper CO2 levels is an important factor in the health of your planted tank. A CO2 drop checker is an essential tool for monitoring CO2 levels. The drop checker is a reservoir designed to contain an indicator solution and an airspace.

    You Need:
    4dkh solution
    reagent solution
    drop checker

    I do not sell 4dkh solution as you can make it yourself for the price of baking soda.
    It is important to be accurate

    0.12 grams of Baking Soda

    1 Litre of distilled or RO water
    Mix the two together and you have 4dkh solution which will last for years. Better than paying a fiver for 100ml.

    Use a pipette or other way to fill the bulb section about half full of 4dkh solution.
    Add 3 drops of reagent solution and give a quick shake. the colour should be blue.
    Place inside the tank away from the diffusor and wait about 2-3 hours and check colour against the reagent chart to tell you how much co2 is in your tank 24/7.

    Yellow is too much
    Green is normal
    Blue is not enough.

    The reading you see is approximately 2-3 hours behind
    You only need to change the drop checker water when its colour stops being vivid or you want to clean it.
    95% of all algae problems are related to insufficient co2 so it is very important you know how much is going in

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