CO2 Equipment

In most planted aquariums, CO2 fertilisation is vital for plant health and is often the limiting factor in overall growth.Without adequate levels of CO2, plants cannot photosynthesize effectively and therefore cannot produce the energy neededto perform basic physiological functions.

There are several ways to introduce CO2 into the aquarium. It is created naturally through fish and plant respiration, but mostly by bacteria as they break down organic matter. Many soil based and established substrates continually release CO2 which can be used by aquatic plants. However, the amount produced by these processes are minimal and are not enough for planted tanks.

This is why additional fertilisation is essential. Furthermore, the air/water exchange in an aquarium continually releases a large quantity of CO2 into the atmosphere that must be replaced. Various devices are available to the hobbyist and these include those using tablets that slowly release CO2, slow release chemical reactors and pressurised CO2 systems.

Pressurised systems are the only ones to control the amount of CO2 you use and when you use it.