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    Echinodorus Tricolour XL

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    Echinodorus Tricolor was created in the aquatic plant nursery in the Czech Republic and was introduced to the hobby in 2004. The variety name (meaning three-coloured) refers to the different colours the leaves can attain.The leaf blades are oblong-ovate with an obtuse tip, clearly reduced basis and a slightly undulate margin. They grow up to 15 cm long and 8 cm wide. The leaf stalks grow relatively long, up to 15 cm.
    Young leaves are light green and may even have a pinkish hue as well as brownish dots. When they mature they attain a darker green colour.This variety is rather easy in cultivation and grows well. It only needs medium light and even sprouts flower stalks with adventitious plants in the aquarium.

    ORIGIN: Cultivar
    MAX HEIGHT: 40cm
    GROWTH RATE: Moderate
    AREA: Midground/Background
    LIGHT: Bright
    TEMP: 22-28C
    CO2: Recommended
    PH 5-8
    WATER HARDNESS: Soft to hard

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