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    Echinodorus Horemanii Red

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    Echinodorus horemanii "Red" is one of the most beautiful Echinodorus available to a hobbyist today. The leaf lamina of this plant is glossy and exibits a deep red coloration. The two pair of lateral veins are whitish to pinkish in color. The plant can eventually grow quite big, and it makes it suitable for the background or as a solitary centerpiece. This plant is more suitable for the experienced hobbyist. It requires a relatively cool temperature and soft, clean water to thrive. Once established, it sprouts many leaves and makes a magnficant centerpiece for any planted aquarium. This is a cooler water plant

    ORIGIN: South America
    MAX HEIGHT: 60cm
    GROWTH RATE: Moderate
    AREA: Background
    LIGHT: Bright to very bright
    TEMP: 18-24C
    CO2: Highly recommended
    PH: 6.5-7.5
    DIFFICULTY: Advanced

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