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    Bacopa Crenata/Monieri

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    This little water hyssop is a real cosmopolitan. That's to say it feels right at home in various tropical and sub-tropical regions of Africa, Asia, Australia and America. This species can also be called a beginners plant because it is so tolerant of so many factors that influence growth. It is well suited to cooler aquariums and can also be planted near the edges of ponds in summer. This is a quick route to a riot of delicate white to pink blossoms.

    ORIGIN: Tropical cosmopolitan
    MAX HEIGHT: 50cm
    GROWTH RATE: Moderate
    AREA: Background
    LIGHT: Bright to very bright
    TEMP: 18-26C
    CO2: Recommended
    PH: 6-8
    WATER HARDNESS: Soft to very hard

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