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    Aponogeton Madagascariensis

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    The most striking feature is the lattice texture of the leaf blades. The size and shape of the leaves may vary, depending on the origin of the tuber. The same conditions apply to this collectors special in terms of cultivation, as to A. henkelianus. For 'plant freaks' of course it presents the same kind of cultivation challenge as a tricky fish. Floating plants such as Salvinia and Limnobium are ideal companions to provide shade during rest periods.

    ORIGIN: Madagascar
    MAX HEIGHT: 20-40cm
    GROWTH RATE: Moderate
    AREA: Midground
    LIGHT: Bright
    TEMP: 20-26C
    CO2: Highly recommended
    PH: 5-7.5
    DIFFICULTY: Advanced
    WATER HARDNESS: Soft to hard

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