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    Anubias Minima

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    Anubias Minima is truly one of the cooler Anubias species. Unlike the more common Nana or Barteri, Anubias Minima has long slender leaves that add outstanding contrast to your aquarium. Minima is a great mid ground plant. Generally the leaves can reach 6-8 inches in length once the plant is established and stand 8 inches tall. Like other Anubias, Minima keeps a beautiful green colour. Anubias Minima can be housed in an aquarium with or without the use of fertilizers. Without iron and co2, anubias grows at a slow rate of around one leaf per month. When you start adding nutrients you need to be careful of algae on the leaves, but at the right balance you can achieve growth of two or more leaves per month.

    ORIGIN: Cultivar
    MAX HEIGHT: 10cm
    AREA: Midground
    LIGHT: Low to bright
    TEMP: 22-28C
    CO2: CO2 and NON CO2 tanks
    PH: 5-9
    WATER HARDNESS: Very soft to very hard

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