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    Anubias Afzelli

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     Also known as Anubias Angustifolia. Anubias barteri var. angustifolia from West Africa is a beautiful plant with long, narrow leaves. 10-20 cm tall with the rhizome forming 10-15 cm or larger. It is grown in the same conditions as Anubias barteri var. nana. It is not eaten by herbivorous fish.

    ORIGIN: West Africa
    MAX HEIGHT: up to 20cm
    AREA: Foreground, Midground
    LIGHT: Light to moderate
    TEMP: 20-28C
    CO2: CO2 and NON CO2 tanks
    PH: 5-9
    WATER HARDNESS: Very soft to Very hard

    PLEASE NOTE: Anubias should be tied to rock or wood. DO NOT bury the rhizome as it will rot.

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