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    150cm T5 Aquarium Lighting Six Tubes System

    Price:  £369.99

    All Pond Solutions Super thin High Output T5 Overtank Luminaires 6 tube systems are raised clear from the top of your aquarium using the supplied Light Suspension System which attaches securely onto the glass side walls of your tank. The light has four switches, three of the switches control the T5 lights (two per switch) and lastly one to control the 6 LED's.

    All of our lighting units are built with high quality german made T5 high output electronic ballasts.

    The built in Reflectors raise the power of the light by approximately 50%

    These systems are available with the option of one or two power cables so you can set plug timers on your tubes and have different colours come on at different times automatically (plug timers not included).


     Available in black or silver.
     Choice of a marine or a tropical T5 setup.
     Two plug as standard for use with automatic plug timers (timers not included).
     All units come complete with required bulbs.
     Every unit also comes complete with a perspex cover to protect the light and bulbs from water spray.
     Open top allows plant growth beyond the water surface
     Option of having two power cables allowing you to use timers with your lights.
     Multiple lamp option for improved plant / coral growth
     In-built reflectors, to maximise the light output
     High quality Suspension System included.


     Measurements: 1500 x 340 x 45 mm
     Power: 480W (6 X 80W)
     Tubes supplied: 2 x Marine blue, 4 x 10k White (Marine) / 2 x Growth red, 4 x 10k white (Tropical)
      6 x 1w LED's
     Voltage: 220-240v

    This item is delivered direct from the manufacturer so i cannot guarantee next day delivery

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